The Spiralarts Dance Theatre Company

At the beginning, there was our desire to undertake a fantasmatique crossing through the Arthurian legend, confronting some of the historical remains with contemporary spiritual practise. For a while our rehaersing brought us all over the British Island, from the North coast of Cornwall to Northern plains of Wales.

Very soon we found ourselves passionatly engaged in an overwelming tour filled with myths and stories. All along, we have met with witches and magicians, with knowledgable scolars and ambitious connoisseurs, and we have found ourselves ready to create from the variety of our experienceses a completely new theatrical form in which music and dance, dialogue and multi media theatre intermingle to an outstanding stage performance.

Bryony Williams, production and choreagraphy, and François VanEeckhaute, directing, have met on overseas projects and have decided with the Seven Actors For a King, Arthur to join in for a first collaborative theatre production experience.

SpiralArts Dance Theatre Company uses myths and legends as a rich source of inspiration and wishes to kindle the imagination and inspire the audience to look again and in a new and original way. Preveous productions, based on Homers Odyssey and The Arabian Nights received good critical acclaim.